Jan McClintock – San Antonio, Texas

Jan McClintock

Working Together to Create and Enhance Your Reputation

Do any of these apply to you?

• You’ve worked hard to make your business a valuable asset.
• You need to be active on social networking, but you don’t know how.
• Your web site needs a facelift.
You don’t have a web site!

If so, you are ready to improve your reputation. You want to present the best possible impression at every stage of your work, from sending a simple email message to selling products or services.

Your business documents, your social media posts, and your web site should be cohesive and polished. They should reflect your business and your personality. The content you create—your documents, web site, and social media posts—should be consistent and clean.

Making this happen isn’t intuitive, and working with a professional is the best way to make sure that your presentation is excellent.

We will establish a working relationship built from trust, competency, and communications. You will understand every step we take together or we won’t go further. I can interpret technical language so you can understand it. I have years of experience, loads of integrity, and lots of common sense (a commodity that seems to be in short supply these days). I am an active members of several WordPress groups and I do a lot of technical support. If I don’t know the answer, I know where to find it.

I have developed web sites for many years (since 1993) and now use WordPress exclusively. It’s an extremely diverse platform, very user-friendly but also highly configurable for those who work with it. Ask how I can create a new site for you or improve the one you already have.

My resumé is online at LinkedIn.com.

How can I help YOU?


“Janice has taken our non profit into the internet age. Her skills, her designs and her wisdom has created our web page to our great advantage. She is always suggesting greater avenues for us to utilize. By following her advice; our organization has grown and we expect our growth to continue as we further implement her sound suggestions.”  –Joe Bryer, President, Genealogical Research Society of Northeastern Pennsylvania

“Janice is a consummate professional. Working within an all volunteer organization presents some interesting challenges, and requires building consensus for projects and direction. Jan regularly solicited feedback, and used it to synthesize great solutions for our website and newsletter.” –Eric Brierley, Past President, San Antonio Audubon Society

“I was asked to design a website and needed continued support at home, and she was recommended to me as a consultant. I called Jan, and found her to be an extremely knowledgeable, dependable, and considerate trainer. … I could always count on her to make plans in her schedule to continue to train me and answer follow-up questions regarding whatever program that I was working in at the time. Her manner was thoughtful and friendly, and she wasted little time getting to the matter at hand as she consistently and thoroughly addressed my concerns.” –Lucy Hall, Designer & Art Teacher

“Great person to work with. Listens to what you are concerned about and will recommend to best of her ability to answer your needs. She is a very approachable, patient, and kind. I will always recommend her first.” –Rodolfo Garcia, Hair Stylist and Mac User